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Global Thinking Foundation and Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca together for inclusion, self-determination and quality education.

With the goals of promoting women’s participation to the Masters’ degree, to encourage young girls to choose a career in the scientifical field, to eliminate all kinds of cultural bias and discrimination and to ensure equal access for women to employment, Global Thinking Foundation, as part of the GLT Merit Award program, offers:
two scholarships for female students enrolled for the first time in Economics and Finance (ECOFIN) for the 2020-2021 academic year.
To participate to the call, the following requirements are necessary:
– Have an ‘Indicator of Equivalent Economic Situation’ (ISEE) less than or equal to 23,000€
– Hold an undergraduate degree with grades equal or above 105/110. If not yet graduated by the date of the expiry of the call, hold an average grade of at least 27/30.

The two scholarships will be awarded only after the establishment of a ranking list of the applicants, in accordance with criteri the criteria set out in the notice.

The ECOFIN School of Economics and Finance belongs to the LM-16 class of the Masters’ degrees in Finance which last two years and corresponds to 120 credits; it is managed by the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods (DISMEQ). ECOFIN was launched in 2011 as a transformation of the previous four-year degree programs in Economics and Finance and it is precisely aimed at students interested in deepening their understanding of issues related to market and financial intermediaries. The program follows a multidisciplinary approach, articulated in mathematical, statistical, IT, economics, business, banking, legal, historical and linguistic teachings and skills, and is characterized by an overall prevalence of the quantitative dimension.

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