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      Founded in 1902, Luigi Bocconi University is an independent and dynamic university, dedicated to research, avant-garde and innovation. Its independent financial assets allow the University to opt for social choices, without restrictions or obligations.

The University developed a Strategic Plan for 2016-2020, through which it pursues:

  • Faculty and Students’ Internationalization
  • Increasing the quality of the education system
  • New scholarships available
  • Financial Aid for current and prospective students
  1. The Mission

        The mission of the Strategic Plan reflects not only the spirit of the centenarian university but also the current status of our country : according to the most recent OECD data, Italy holds the 35th position (over 36 countries) for number of graduates, who represent the 25% of 25-34 year-olds – against the European average of 42%.

       Bocconi University invests more than €26 million in financial aid for students every year, helping the 20% of the student body, with the aim of reaching the amount of €30 million by 2020. Merit, effort, initiative, performance are the necessary requirements that qualify a student to receive a higher education, regardless of the economic condition or nationality.The need to support the studies of talented young people is therefore essential to ensure a successful Italian future.

           2. Within Our Reach: the details.

      In order to offer this opportunity of a unique academic path, the University has started a fund-raising campaign called “Within Our Reach”. The Campaign involves Alumni, individual donors, companies, Italian and foreign institutions that firmly believe in the value of research, education and human capital. The academic success affects not only the future career of a student, but also the overall improvement of the economic and social system at national and global level.

Within Our Reach: three strategic priorities

  1. Improving education for a better society
  2. Educating worthy students to ensure social mobility
  3. Promoting the life and academic experience in the University

          3. Recipients

      The social context in which a student lives strongly influence his or her academic performance, sometimes compromising the chances to access college or university education. Through its campaign program and dedication, Bocconi University intends to offer the opportunity to attend an entire academic cycle (three years or five years in Law School) to motivated and talented students, who come from a difficult social and economic background.

       These candidates, enrolled in high schools and institutes in Lombardy, can receive a set of rights and assisted services by submitting to the competent commission the following:

  • Proof of the social and economic disadvantage
  • Passed admission test
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Recommendation letter issued by the attended high school or institute (optional)

The project, first established in 2013, has already helped more than 39 students.

  1. Aid and Subsidies

The set of assisted services includes:

  • Total exemption from tuition and academic taxes
  • Free accommodation at the University residence
  • Free canteen package
  • Scholarship of €4.000 for books, laptop, etc…

The total investment is esteemed to be about €36.000 for student per cycle.

         Global Thinking Foundation is delighted to be part of this campaign, pursuing its social objectives in the academic sphere: the Foundation shows a tangible example of its philanthropic and distinctive will to help talented students, who, through social difficulties, can still reach their full potential.

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