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GLT supports Luigi Bocconi Commercial University


“I can only thank you for this opportunity. Studying at Bocconi University has allowed me to discover the path I want to follow in my future and above all, it has allowed me to learn the necessary tools to follow it. I am particularly grateful to all those who, like you, contribute to building the future of boys and girls who will make a difference one day.”

B.G, beneficiary of the Partial Exemptions Project


Global Thinking Foundation’s choice:

Attending an internationally recognized university should not be a privilege, but a choice within the reach of anyone who is talented, willing and able. GLT has chosen to invest with confidence in new generations, guaranteeing to talented students the right to study in one of the best commercial universities in Europe.
From 2017 to 2021, Global Thinking Foundation allowed 11 young people to access a quality education by rewarding their skills and giving them the concrete opportunity to undertake a course of study at Bocconi University, without financial worries. Through the support of Partial Exemptions, Possible Choice, Bocconi Merit Awards and Master Exemptions programs, GLT has opened the doors of the university to 11 brilliant students, but above all to 11 young people who have begun to lay the foundations for the construction of their future.

Projects supported by GLT:

A Possible Choice Program
Attending a quality university course should not be a privilege, but a possible choice for anyone who is talented, willing and able. The Program is a project that aims to remove socio-economic barriers and offer a real opportunity to those talented students who, due to their family situation, could not continue their studies. The initiative takes the form of a support package consisting of total exemption from the payment of tuition fees, a scholarship and the offer of a place in the university’s residences.

Partial Exemptions Program
The program provides for the exemption from the payment of 65% of the academic fees for the three-year course (including Law) and 60% for the two-year course. The project is aimed at young people from all over Italy with a good curricular profile and specific financial requirements who, without this facility, would have difficulty in bearing the full costs of their master’s degree at Bocconi University.

Bocconi Merit Awards Graduate Program
The BMA exemption provides a full exemption from academic fees and, in some cases, there is also the possibility of enjoying accommodation.

Bocconi International Awards Graduate Program
The Bocconi International Award Graduate project is intended for excellent international candidates admitted to the first year of one of the University’s Master programs. Based exclusively on merit, this facility provides 50% exemption from the payment of academic fees and contributions.

GREEN (, Research Center on Geography, Natural Resources, Environment, Energy and Networks was born from the merger of CERTeT and IEFE with the aim of conducting and promoting research at the intersection of spatial analysis of socio-economic phenomena with climate change, transport, environmental policy and energy market analysis.


The supported research project:

International Survey on Environmental Attitudes of Citizens
News and social media have become almost exclusively devoted to the pandemic. Other issues and concerns, relevant until just before the crisis, would seem to have taken a back seat. But is this really the case?
The data collection on attention and concern related to environmental issues (specifically climate change and local pollution), as well as economic issues, covers 3 continents (Europe, America and Asia). It was launched in November 2019 in 6 major cities (Milan, Rome, New York, Dallas, Beijing and Shanghai) and is still ongoing today. The survey consists of 50 questions. The final version took about a year to be developed and it was prepared in 3 languages.
This massive data collection allowed the Research Team to record any changes that emerged during the health crisis caused by COVID-19.