My Money – Elementary Student Workbook [Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond]

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond has released My Money – a student workbook for elementary schools, in order to provide a solid tool to teach elementary students about the basis of economics and finance. Topics include money, coin equivalents, jobs, goods, services and barter. Download the workbook here  

Retirement Planning and Its Role in Wealth Inequality. [Harvard Kennedy School]

Fewer employers offer defined-benefit pension plans. Instead they require employees to parse byzantine literature and make life-altering choices for themselves. And more options are available than ever before. Discover more on the topic here .  

How Financial Knowledge Drives Wealth Inequality. [The Wall Street Journal]

  Financial products are becoming ever more complex and difficult to understand, particularly for those without an M.B.A. As a result, the ill-informed who must take individual responsibility for their finances can get into long-term, and potentially very damaging, problems. Read here for some insights.

5 Things You Need to Know to Be Financially Astute. [TIME]

  April is Financial Literacy Month, that time of year when you’re supposed to assess how much (or how little) you know about money and finances. Walter Updegrave argues that understanding these five big-picture principles is even more crucial to reaching financial goals like having enough money for retirement. Discover which one here .