The World Investor Week takes place in the first week of October and it is promoted by IOSCO, the global forum that brings together financial market regulators, operating at the national level, including CONSOB, the Financial Market Supervisory Authority. The World Investor Week is a global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of investor […]

Back to School Week: Investment Education [Morningstar]

  Nine million students go back to school in the UK this week, after a long – and for many parents – exhausting summer holiday. The first few weeks of autumn term are often spent revising rather than learning anything new – struggling to remember times tables, capital cities and important dates. But what about […]

Financial Literacy: Taking the time to learn. [The Edge Markets]

The problem with millennial investors is that many of them still lack financial literacy while others tend to be overconfident when investing, says Rachel Lau, co-founder of venture capital firm RHL Ventures. These issues must be addressed so they can make more informed investment decisions. Discover more here  

Millennials and Financial Literacy: a Global Perspective

Millennials and Financial Literacy: a Global Perspective may 2017, Extract from the research by Annamaria Lusardi and Noemi Oggero of GFLEC, provided by Global Thinking Foundation. The Italian Perspective Among the major advanced economies, Italy is the country with the lowest percentage of financially literate people. Only 37 percent of Italians are able to correctly answer at […]

G20/OECD INFE Report on Adult Financial Literacy in G20 Countries

G20/OECD INFE Report on Adult Financial Literacy in G20 Countries.     This report responds to a call by G20 Leaders in the 2016 Hangzhou Action Plan for the OECD/INFE to coordinate data collection on financial literacy across G20 countries and to prepare a report for their next Summit. In this respect, a progress report […]

TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index Presentation

Researching the implications of Personal Finance and its effect on the life of young adults, TIAA Institute and GFLEC now propose the presentation of their findings. TIAA-Institute-GFLEC-Personal-Finance-Index-GFLEC-Seminar-Series-FINAL