IV annual meeting – Rethinking the economy: artificial intelligence and fintech for a sustainable & inclusive growth

12th November 2019 – Spazio Gessi, Milan The IV annual event dealt with the implementation of artificial intelligence and fintech, in order to pursue a widespread, inclusive and sustainable social well-being.   Let’s stay connected! 🌟 ▪ Our website: Facebook:… Twitter: Instagram:… LinkedIn:…    

3rd Annual Event- Financial education: a new boost to ESG investment. Robert Rubinstein’s Interview 13/11/18

Milan 13th november 2018 Circolo filologici Milanese Sustainable Investments (SRI) do not belong to a restrict group of the market but to a much wider slice; gender equality and social equality as new investment opportunities: these are the topics covered during the interview with Robert Rubinstein Chairman and Founding Partner of TBLI Group Holdings.


III Annual Conference “Financial education: a new impulse for ESG investments” PHOTO GALLERY