Millennials and Financial Literacy: a Global Perspective

Millennials and Financial Literacy: a Global Perspective may 2017, Extract from the research by Annamaria Lusardi and Noemi Oggero of GFLEC, provided by Global Thinking Foundation. The Italian Perspective Among the major advanced economies, Italy is the country with the lowest percentage of financially literate people. Only 37 percent of Italians are able to correctly answer at […]

G20/OECD INFE Report on Adult Financial Literacy in G20 Countries

G20/OECD INFE Report on Adult Financial Literacy in G20 Countries.     This report responds to a call by G20 Leaders in the 2016 Hangzhou Action Plan for the OECD/INFE to coordinate data collection on financial literacy across G20 countries and to prepare a report for their next Summit. In this respect, a progress report […]

TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index Presentation

Researching the implications of Personal Finance and its effect on the life of young adults, TIAA Institute and GFLEC now propose the presentation of their findings. TIAA-Institute-GFLEC-Personal-Finance-Index-GFLEC-Seminar-Series-FINAL  

Digital Report: Women’s Forum Global Meeting.

The digital report for the Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Deauville, hold in November 2016, highlights the main issues discussed in the meetings, in which Global Thinking Foundation has shared its contribution. Click here to read the whole report.

Retirement Planning and Its Role in Wealth Inequality. [Harvard Kennedy School]

Fewer employers offer defined-benefit pension plans. Instead they require employees to parse byzantine literature and make life-altering choices for themselves. And more options are available than ever before. Discover more on the topic here .  

How Financial Knowledge Drives Wealth Inequality. [The Wall Street Journal]

  Financial products are becoming ever more complex and difficult to understand, particularly for those without an M.B.A. As a result, the ill-informed who must take individual responsibility for their finances can get into long-term, and potentially very damaging, problems. Read here for some insights.

5 Things You Need to Know to Be Financially Astute. [TIME]

  April is Financial Literacy Month, that time of year when you’re supposed to assess how much (or how little) you know about money and finances. Walter Updegrave argues that understanding these five big-picture principles is even more crucial to reaching financial goals like having enough money for retirement. Discover which one here .

Optimal Financial Knowledge and Wealth Inequality [Journal of Political Economy]

  Annamaria Lusardi, Founder and Academic Director of GFLEC, along with Pierre-Carl Michaud, HEC Montréal and RAND, and Olivia S. Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania and National Bureau of Economic Research, addresses the concept of financial knowledge as the key determinant of wealth inequality for the Journal of Political Economy of the University of Chicago. Journal of Political Economy, Volume […]

TIAA Institute – GFLEC Personal Finance Index

U.S. adults are split 50/50 between those who could and those who could not answer over one-half of the P-Fin Index questions correctly. Sixteen percent of Americans demonstrated a relatively high level of personal finance knowledge and understanding, i.e., they answered over 75% of the index questions correctly. Twenty percent have a relatively low level of […]

Should College Students Be Required to Take a Course in Personal Finance? [WSJ]

Annamaria Lusardi, Founder and Academic Director of GFLEC, shares some insights regarding today’s financial environment, and the necessity for students to gain financial education. Read the article here .