The New Victims of the Student Debt Crisis: Mom and Dad. [CNBC]

When tuition fees are skyrocketing, parents help their children’s education by taking out loans of their own. And this burden can follow parents until retirement. Here is the article.

Student Debt Crisis Overblown & Due to Stupidity [Tactical Investor]

According to Tactical Investor, the student debt crisis is a parenthood and behavioural crisis. Read more about this view here . Source:  

School District includes Financial Literacy course

Financial Literacy is included in the program for the academic year of 2017-2018 through the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District’s Board of Education in West Windsor, USA. The course will be offered to students at grade 11 and 12 (16-18 years old). Discover more about this new step forward here.

Game Of Loans: The Trump Effect

Enjoy the article below or download it here.         Education opens many doors, they say. Some doors are already unlocked, some take time, some may be even opened for you, but all of them result in thunderous applause, a piece of paper and a once-worn toga. And in some particular doors, that you can […]

Preparing for the Variation Margin Rules [ISDA]

ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) has published three interesting videos, regarding the implementation of margin rules for non-cleared derivatives. The first video provides an overview about margin rules, explained by ISDA’s CEO Scott O’Malia, who identifies the new margining requirements.     The second video focuses on the variation margin requirements and its impact on […]

How does PISA work?

The Programme for International Student Assessment survey helps identify the factors that influence education, literacy and job opportunities around the world. But how does it really work?

How financial literacy helps with college affordability [Invite Education]

The rate and amount of student loans in the US show how college is beyond the normal rate of affordability. “There is no easy fix” Ken O’Connor writes, but he shares some interesting thoughts about financial literacy as an actual asset.  

The Gender Gap in Financial Literacy [DIW Berlin]

At DIW Berlin, Antonia Grohmann, Research Associate in the Department of International Economics, has studied the possible explanations behind the gender gap in financial literacy. Three factors are taken into account: Socio-demographic characteristics, different ways to deal with finances and cultural factors established for country-specific accounts. Can any of these aspects explain the phenomenon? diw_econ_bull_2016-46-1

Student Loan Debt in the US: An Analysis of the 2015 NFCS Data

GFLEC has released a policy brief on the issue of student loan debt in the US. This new study has shown how many borrowers struggle to keep up with their payments schedule, and they would do things differently if they could go through the borrowing process again. Discover the importance of improving individual’s financial capability […]

How Business and Education can work together to increase Entrepreneurship Education in Europe – EE-HUB.EU Webinar

“How Business and Education can successfully work together to move Entrepreneurship Education forward in Europe” Webinar by European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork (EE-HUB.EU) This is one of the specific webinars targeting businesses and education where we present the work done by the EE-HUB working group focused on Partnerships between business & education. More info @