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Global Thinking Foundation (GLT) was born with the mission of promoting financial education, addressing mainly women and vulnerable sections of society. Global Thinking Foundation’s commitment is aimed at supporting a culture aware of savings and the value of money for the economic sustainability of families and economic growth supporting the global objectives of the 2030 Agenda, including Goal 4 and 5. Among the founding purposes, a commitment to spread knowledge and training among adults and families emerge. GLT  focuses on improving the development of knowledge, skills and competences that allow  making conscious economic, financial and social security choices that contribute not only to the individual and family well-being, but more specifically to the social well-being of the country. GLT also wants to “prevent and combat situations deriving from economic isolation for women victims of economic violence, by implementing training and dissemination actions in support of the principles of gender equality and reduction of social damage that derive from this phenomenon which also exposes the new generations to a lack of active participation in the economic development of the country “. This page contains the collaborations born from the meeting with partners sensitive to the issues of gender equality and the fight against violence and economic abuse.


– June 2022

Global Thinking Foundation, in collaboration with the 8th Love Film Festival “Social Justice”, has promoted the literary competition “Cinema and Sustainability: Responsibility and Rights” to stimulate young people to social education, indulging their artistic inclinations. With the first edition of this competition, study prizes will be awarded by the municipality of Perugia to students from secondary schools who are regularly enrolled.

Participating students will have to write a film subject of a maximum of 5 pages, taking their cue from the social inclusion themes of the “Free to …LIVE” Exhibition held in Perugia in June 2022.

The aim is to raise the awareness of the new generations on issues of inclusiveness, gender equality, sustainable development, and matters concerning the digital world, such as cyber-violence and gambling.

Below are the three winners (or groups of winners) of the competition:

1st DON’T CALL IT A GAME by Lorenzo Bianchini (Liceo Scientifico Galilei) and Giulio Ferroni (Liceo Artistico Bernardino di Betto).

An initial noir splatter that then unravels on the canons of the nemesis of the challenges enfranchised by the finale that resorts to the escamotage of sliding doors, the revolving doors of destiny. The subject, with a solid cinematographic vocation and unusual solutions, also calls into question the responsibility of the media and non-trivial deontological issues concerning information professionals.


2°nd PLAYERS ARE NOT ALL EQUAL by Nicolò Toscano (Liceo Scientifico Galilei).

A cross-section of juvenile discomfort with the development of family iterations brings out the urgency of rediscovering an intergenerational dialogue on issues that displace and often sharpen distances. The subject has a notable narrative breadth that is articulated along convincing articulations, deepening the psychologies of the three protagonists, effectively captured in their evolution.


3rd  I don’t look like it, I am by Viola Faggiani; Chiara Ghibelli; Maria Daniela Gonzales Espina; Aurora Pannacci (ISS Cassata-Gattapone di Gubbio).

Through a dry but not suspenseful style, the subject unites distant and irreconcilable worlds, offering reflections on the themes of diversity and inclusion. A courageous and poetic work by young authors against the backdrop of a theatrical representation through the literary myth of Shakespeare as a metaphor for existence.

“Our Initiatives”

Preview of the docufilm “Libere di… VIVERE” at Anteo Palazzo del Cinema

An evening that crowned our dream: to bring our Libere di… VIVERE tour to the cinema, with a much-needed, much-desired docufilm, in one of the most iconic symbols of cinema in Milan, the spazioCinema Anteo. The first docufilm dealing with the phenomenon of economic violence – particularly gender violence – directed by Antonio Silvestre and produced by MAC film.
For more information on our docufilm click here.








The Award Ceremony of “L’Onda di Nico” Youth Association III EDITION – March 2022

The Youth Association l’Onda di Nico organised the Award Ceremony of the Literary Competition L’ONDA DI NICO III EDIZIONE with the theme: ‘Special Ties’ in collaboration with Global Thinking Foundation with important guests and musical performances.




The Award Ceremony of “L’Onda di Nico” Youth Association II EDITION- March 2021

The “L’Onda di Nico” Youth Association organized the Award Ceremony of the L’ONDA DI NICO II EDITION Literary Competition with the theme: “What RISKS do you expose yourself to when you CANNOT COMMUNICATE?” in collaboration with the Global Thinking Foundation on March 21 2021. An event that saw the presence of illustrious guests and wanted to give a voice to the participants and the jury who evaluated the works of the three sections: Tales, Poems and Photographs.
You can find all the awarded works here: 



Webcult GLT

With 2021, new cultural initiatives are added: the Global Thinking Foundation’s digital book club and its WEBCULTs.
GLT together with authors and readers, wants to start a series of events, where the central theme wants to be the power of reading. Literature is one of the deepest means of expression of our being, and in a moment of isolation and great fear for one’s health and that of loved ones, it could be something that helps us to escape from daily routine, literature keeps us company, it helps us to reflect, to face life with greater awareness.
In the first appointment (January 2021) “New Normal proof books” 4 extraordinary writers talked about the themes of economics, schools and the environment and the rhythms of poetry, moderated by the noir writer Piergiorgio Pulixi. In the second appointment (February 2021): “The Book club: Youth and gender equality” the protagonists were the young people: our President Claudia Segre discussed with them the relationship of young people and gender equality: a club to tell together those new and old books, but always
current, which inspire and make us reflect, bearers of stimuli and positive truths, to discover the deep roots of gender equality.
On 2 March with “Resilient love 4.0” our manager of the Women in the Square Task Force Filomena Frassino will meet authors and authors, in view of a week dedicated to International Women’s Day. The next appointment will be on May 4th. All the recordings of GLT’s Webcult are visible on our social networks and available on our YouTube channel.


Webcult 05-01-2021

Webcult 19-02-2021

Webcult 02-03-2021

“Women without hair have nail polish on their feet”

It is the first poetry book by Alessandra Minghetti, published in December 2019. Alessandra Minghetti openly supports and encourages the critical female financial education work of Global Thinking Foundation. On the subject, she composed the poem “Usual welcome violence love” contained in the book. Female’s economic culture is a visible means of contrasting fundamental ignorance of abuse. The author of “Women without hair have nail polish on their feet” and the publisher “The factory of illusions” donate 1 euro for each book sold in favour of this noble and useful anti-violence proposal. Visit the web site, click the Link


Here are the most beautiful and intense moments of the streaming event “Women, Rights and Shooting. An Exhibition for Social Inclusion “, held on Monday 8 June at the opening of the exhibition – review” Free to … LIVE “! The greetings from Claudia Segre, President of Global Thinking Foundation, open the dance, to continue with the precious interventions of Giovanna Paladino, Director of the Savings Museum, who states “asking someone for money is a form of subjection that leads to violence”. And then Nico Vassallo, Vice President Anonima Fumetti, who introduces us to the beautiful works that will be presented in the exhibition. And finally, Elsa Fornero, University of Turin, who emphasizes the importance of women who have a strategic and inclusive vision of the future, “where being a woman is not a mortification, but a quality”.


Puzzle. Donne a Pezzi. A show by and with Stefania Pascali

Puzzle is a monologue dedicated to women but not only. It takes on the burden of speaking to men too. With sweetness. What they want and often don’t give back. It is not a cry of gall against the male sex. It is a desire to whisper in the heart. Firmly. And with kindness, because women can forgive but that doesn’t mean they have to submit. A story of love and courage. Of hope. Because you can and must be saved.

Invisible freedom. Economic Development and Gender: The “business” of being a woman

A show produced by Global Thinking Foundation, written, interpreted and directed by a man, Luca Vullo. Luca, interacting with the public, questions the importance of women in life, their centrality in the ecosystem and society.  This is a praise to the female gender, that will lead the protagonist to make a deep self-analysis on his behaviour with women, recognizing at the end a central role for an egalitarian and sustainable development of society.

XIX ED. Adei-Weizo literary prize

At a time of great debate in the country, our choice goes to spreading literature as an open dialogue tool against diversity and discrimination. A commitment to women’s matters for a more inclusive society, looking with confidence to an useful contribution to a better world for new generations.

The ADEI-WIZO National Literary Prize Adelina Della Pergola, established in 2000, aims to make the Jewish world better known to the general public. The finalist books are chosen from works of Jewish topic, by living international authors, by a Selection Jury made up exclusively of Women. The Municipality of Ferrara, the Ferrara section of the ADI-Wizo and the Institute of Contemporary History, which in particular dealt with the jury of the students from Ferrara, collaborated in organizing the event. A group of students from the “Roiti” high school coordinated by Prof. Silvia Sansonetti and a class from the “Vergani” Institute held by Prof. Susanna Tasso were involved. The jury, as well as the students from Ferrara, is made up of students from all over Italy.

Italy of Women “Fourth edition of the Bari History Lessons’, Petruzzelli Theater.”

The event promoted by the Laterza publishing house with the Petruzzelli Foundation, sponsored by Global Thinking Foundation in the city of Bari, saw five appointments: read the history of our country through the events of some awesone female figures and, finally, through the biography collective of the women’s movement which, after the Sixty-eight, has innervated the great civil battles that have made history in our country.
Five female figures from the Middle Ages to the present day, investigate the evolution of the man-woman relationship. Starting from Matilde who, supporting Pope Gregory VII, bent the Emperor Henry IV, forcing him to “go to Canossa”, up to Margherita Sarfatti, journalist and writer nearby to Mussolini. Women and men capable of rendering their role in history, such as the actress Lella Costa, who opened the 20 October alongside the history teacher Giuseppina Muzzarelli in order to illustrate the figure of Matilde of Canossa, contributed to the exhibition. A gender choice to give a more complete and complex view of the events of the past, from the most distant ones to recent ones.

The review is part of Global Thinking Foundation Social Inclusion Project: Focus South Visit the Page to find out all the initiatives


“Each of us is an artist of his own life: whether he knows it or not, whether he wants it or not, whether he likes it or not.”



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