Global Thinking Foundation has donated 10 scholarships in two years to talented, less fortunate students to attend the Intensive Master Program in Communication for Business, Banks and Insurance Companies, organised by the Eraclito 2000 Association. Three of these scholarships are exclusively devolved to STEM female students.

The Program is sponsored by the City and Province of Pisa, with the collaboration of the City Council for Equal Opportunities of the City of Pisa, the School of Ethics and Economics of Assis, the Italian Representation of the US State of Delaware and the National Cultures Festival.

The Eraclito 2000 Association has offered courses to young talents for almost twenty years, leading students to create a direct interrelation between the Association and the national and regional social-economic texture.

The acquired skills are those that prepare for life and work: ability to understand and express, to solve problems and social interaction, logical reasoning and, more generally, intellectual vivacity and curiosity, combined with those related to personal development that are based on a good knowledge of oneself and, consequently, of the Other.

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