Financial Literacy, Gender Gap and Equal Opportunities

The “National Plan for Education on Respect”, set by the Italian Ministry of Education and inspired by Article 3 of the Constitutional Chart, intends to raise awareness about respect and different cultures, aiming to promote an active and global citizenship. The guidelines, included in paragraph 16 Article 1 of the Law 107/2015, describe “The education for gender equality, violence prevention and against other forms of discrimination”: schools can independently organise a path of interest, debate and discussion on the topics.

The National Plan includes also a portal “Noi Siamo Pari” (We Are Equal) in which contributions, didactic materials and programs are gathered, available to teachers, students and families. The portal aims to contrast stereotypes and discrimination. Global Thinking Foundation participates to the Plan alongside with FEDUF, the Foundation for Financial Education and Savings and Redooc, promoting good practices in order to include financial literacy in the school curriculum. According to the National Observatory for monitoring and promoting gender equality, the initiative focuses on the educational and didactic approach towards the prevention of violence against women. It also promotes inclusive models of economic citizenship against economic violence, that often involves a women in a situation of isolation, abuse or domestic violence. The access to economic resources, the entitlement and complete control of the same, represent the mission towards which the school can work and educate the students.

“Gender inequalities are present in the economic and financial field, in which women, even young women, lack of suitable economic competencies, influenced by related stereotypes. Women usually suffer from economic isolation not only due to social expectations, but also due to more severe situations, such as confinement, abuse and violence.”

Global Thinking Foundation and FEDUF have proposed regional meetings and coaching, aiming to raise awareness among the female faculty:

  • regarding their own economic competencies
  • appreciating the differences, discouraging prejudices
  • organizing didactic materials and curriculum

The meetings have taken place in Tuscany (Pisa) April 4th, Lazio (Rome) May 10th, Lombardy (Milan) May 23rd.
The following meetings will take place in Autumn 2018. All data about the activities and monitoring are to be submitted to the Ministry of Education:

  • Numeric data
  • Qualitative data, collected to verify the efficiency of the delivery, didactic materials and programs

Global Thinking Foundation and FEDUF are available to program activities and innovative initiatives to reach the mission of the National Plan, according to the resources of PON “Per la Scuola” 2014-2020, that involves more than 200 schools

EQUAL – The Path on Rights and Duties for Gender Equality

Global Thinking Foundation participated in the creation of the EQUAL (PARI) section at the Children’s Museum of Rome, Explora open to the public in late November 2019

EQUAL (PARI) is the new game path promoted by Explora, the Children’s Museum of Rome aimed at deepening rights and duties, equality and uniqueness, overcoming gender stereotypes. The Game path seeks to offer children, families, schools and more generally to the community that gravitates around the Museum, the opportunity to reflect and to be deeply involved in this theme through a series of interactive displays (11 exhibits) further enriched by educational activities inspired by the learning by doing methodology, typical of a Children’s museums. In today’s society, new generations are faced with continuous challenges and therefore it is increasingly important to understand and distinguish between gender stereotypes and real differences, opportunities and uniqueness, to achieve a full and shared awareness of “gender equality”.