MILENA PROJECT in Mantua with 15 local municipalities


The Global Thinking Foundation supports now the Third edition of the “Milena” Project – “Re/Starting from myself”, a project for helping women to prepare for job interviews and orientation

The Project provides unemployed women living in Mantova and in the region with job-oriented counselling and coaching. Self-criticism, personal attitude, professional expectations are just few of the values developed by the curricula, aiming to enrich one’s self-esteem and courage to ultimately leave isolation.

While shaping one’s own identity, women tend to be strongly influenced by the social dimension in which they live, often constricted by traditional and stereotypical roles. In the perspective of emancipation, women continue nonetheless to exercise a marginal freedom of decision.

The Milena Project intends to establish a path of awareness regarding the participant’s own real potential, empowerment and performance, not only to achieve full social inclusion, but also to gain access to adequate job opportunities.

Third Edition


Pictures of the last meeting of the Milena Ri-partire da sè (Re/Starting from myself), with the wonderful women who participated to this initiative, administrators and the team led by Claudia Forini of the Consortium of the Mantova and the Province’s District, Claudia Segre, President of the Global Thinking Foundation and Mariagrazia Epifani, counsellor of the Mantova Province. We thank all collaborators and supporters, who enabled the awareness of the participants’ role in the social economic structure of the town’s life.