Global Thinking Foundation collaborates with ALTIS, Graduate School of Business and Society; conceived in 2002 within the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The Graduate School aim is to favour, through research, training and strategic consultancy for companies, private and public, the diffusion of a responsible managerial culture, the reconciliation of competitiveness and corporate social responsibility, the interaction between profit and non profit sector for the development of the Country,  good governance and a sustainable internationalization.
Forum Finanza Sostenibile

The Italian Sustainable Investment Forum (ItaSIF) was founded in 2001. ItaSIF is a multi-stakeholder non-profit association: its members are financial operators and other organizations interested in the environmental and social impacts of investments. The mission is to promote the awareness and the strategies linked to sustainable investments, with the aim of encouraging the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into financial products and processes. ItaSIF activities are divided into three main areas: research, projects and advocacy. Since 2012, ItaSIF has organized the Italian SRI Week, the most important event on sustainable and responsible investment in Italy. ItaSIF is a member of Eurosif, the association for the promotion of sustainable investment in the European market.

Global Thinking Foundation is a Supporting Member of FEDUF, Financial Literacy and Savings Foundation, created by ABI, Italian Bank Association. This Foundation pursues different projects, such as conferences, events and collaborations, regarding financial literacy and economic citizenship for students, adults and companies.

Global Thinking Foundation has developed several joint projects with the Savings Museum:
The Savings Museum of Turin  is an educational entertainment project (Edutainment) which develops through technology and interactivity. The Museum is based in Turin.
The Museum has hosted in 2016  the ceremony for the Award i Fuoriclasse della Scuola and till now  the winners received a scholarship, following the parameters of MIUR and FEDUF, and joined the Financial Literacy Campus every year in Turin.

Global Thinking Foundation is a Member of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, the most important women’s network for socio-economic issues from a gender perspective, and organiser and promoter of the Women’s Forum Global Network. The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society is an international platform looking at major social and economic issues from a gender and a  women’s perspectives. Founded in 2005, the Forum seeks to give voice to leading women  in politics, business, civil society and universities through various international meetings, and to highlight projects that range from women’s entrepreneurship to education, business equality and better representation of women in the media. The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society was ranked among the top five influential forums worldwide by the Financial Times in 2007.

Global Thinking Foundation participates in the Scientific and Technical Committee of Adiconsum:
Adiconsum Lombardy is the regional branch of Adiconsum, the Association of Consumers born in 1987 on the initiative of Confederation of Trade Unions of Italy. It was recognised according to the criteria of the Regional Law no. 6 of 2003, and it is part of the Regional Consumer Committee. Adiconsum is spread nationwide, with over 80 branches and help desks.

Global Thinking Foundation supports the Italian Association of Financial Educators (AIEF): The Italian Association of Financial Educators is dedicated to translate technical contents, often perceived as difficult, into educational tools: the aim of this process is to make teachers learn to teach these tool, with the hope that they could transfer them to students. AIEF wants to expand itself creating a new school network throughout the entire nation, to ultimately promote financial culture.

To educate the teaching staff, CERTIPASS, the only provider of international certifications of computer skills (EIPASS – European Informatics Passport), provides the necessary courses and materials.

Global Thinking Foundation cooperates with REDOOC regarding the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Project: is a didactic digital platform, dedicated to the STEM subjects, innovative and interactive for the all grades, from elementary school to university. The platform is a support for the teachers, useful to improve students’ approach to maths and scientific subjects: it can also be used as integrated material or for a flipped classroom system.

Global Thinking Foundation is affiliate member of ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development. The Alliance organises the Sustainable Development Festival every year: the Festival is a great opportunity for spreading the culture of sustainability, reaching the attention of institutions, government and media. The aim of the Alliance is to take Italy on the right path towards the Agenda2030 of the SDGs.  Global Thinking Foundation offers its contribution and expertise, attending several working groups within the Alliance: Working Group Goal 4 – Quality of Education, Working Group Goal 5 – Gender Equality, Working Group Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, Cross-topic Working Group: Sustainable Development Education.

Global Thinking Foundation participated in Eraclito 2000, cultural association and founder of the Master in “Communication, Business, Bank and Insurance”, now running for its 25th edition. The latter is sponsored by the City and Province of Pisa, and by the School of Ethics and Economics of Assisi, credited by the Bar Council of Pisa.

“The European Pact for Youth” was launched on November 17th 2015, during the Summit Enterprise 2020, organised in Brussels by CSR Europe, the European network of corporate social responsibility, to develop or consolidate partnerships between enterprises and the training system in support of the employability and inclusion of young people. These initiatives aim to sustain employability and inclusion for students and graduates. Considering the recent development about school-company collaborations in Italy, promoting the training and employment opportunities for the new generations – Law Decree “The Good School” and the Jobs Act – Pact4Youth’s plan of action for Italy, called We4Youth (, focuses on the employability of young people through the development and diffusion of partnerships between companies and learning activities. The plan includes new opportunities for work-based learning, acquisition and development of working abilities, as traversal, soft, digital, entrepreneurial skills.