Global Thinking Foundation is promoting a A new challenge, working in collaboration with institutions, both public and private, who are committed in the diffusion and application of The 2030 Agenda. Only the commitment for a changing can giving at our world a sustainable future; this path starts from a new approach in which the new technologies and governance are involved.

At the moment the world is marked by deep imbalances that are impacting environment, economy and society and Italy, at the global level, is not towards a new development path of sustainability as the Istat and Asvis’ data confirm.
The changing of the sustainable approach for environment, society and economy start from a good education for this reason in support of the goal 4 -quality education- have been promoted during this years different projects, aimed to different socio-economic groups of society. Inequity can only be effectively fought by adopting an integrate vision and a sustainable balance and inclusive development:


in collaboration withSky is the limit: is a project started in collaboration with the Museo of Saving in Turin. This project wants to contribute and enrich the didactics of the schools located in disadvantaged neighborhoods: offering at the students living in poor conditions a long-term life plan, that are not used to even wondering. Learning how plan the future, make conscious choices, in order to understand that they can have more chances in life, including employment opportunities, better health and also participate actively in life. The project aims also to contrasting the restricted access to an equitable quality education for all, in order to avoid social exclusion and isolation. Through a specific learning process that, teach children how to have a positive attitude, belief in yourself and how to be self-oriented for important life decision, helps children to imagine and create a better future.


Immagini(Amo) sostenibile: The project has involved three different classes of the primary school Colorni in Milan, in which we have introduced the path of sustainable development and social inclusion.
Students were involved, through a path of 3 meetings in which they have been introduced to make serious consideration to the complexity of the contemporary society, in relation to the changing of environment and economy, and focusing on the role of new technologies and the new digital skills that are necessary to face the constant demanding challenge and first of all their own future.
Students have been involved also in a photographic project In which they were involved to illustrated The 17 Global Goals of the 2030 Agenda, in relation to the environment in which they are living.


Senior Citizen in Health: Global Thinking Foundation in collaboration with The Italian Association Cuore e Rianimazione Lorenzo Greco o.n.l.u.s, is realizing a project for social inclusion of older citizens, for promoting sustainable economic choses and to encourage adult people to adopt a healthy life style. Financial education assumes a central role: this project aims to explain how disadvantaged, socio-economic conditions and social exclusion and isolation can lead older people to follow unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. Unhealthy and poor diet, related to low income and inactivity, lack of access to public and private health services, hence older people encounter illness, disability and even death. For this reasons, social inclusion and a sustainable behavior with economic consciousness, play a key role for a social inclusion and a decent life for all.


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