The Woman Care Trust Onlus (originally called Trust Woman Care) is an organisation composed by more than twenty experts, economists, notaries, university professors and lawyers, who share the wish to encourage activities and projects to contrast feminicide and bullying.

Led by the Hon. Maurizio Bernardo, President of the Sixth Finance Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the Trust Founders promote initiatives focused on spreading gender equality throughout every civil, social, family and working environment.

“The Woman Care Trust Onlus is driven by the spirit of fighting against the phenomena of feminicide and bullying. Using innovative technologies, efficient tools can be created to provide a suitable aid and support in case of these kinds of violence.”

The group has decided to establish a non-profit Trust, able to ensure the protection of the collected donations. Furthermore, the main innovative feature of this Trust is the presence of independent funds within itself with perfect asset autonomy. This process allows to distinguish the donations in favour of different initiatives, therefore maximising the efficiency of the allocation of capital. Professor Stefano Loconte, appointed Trustee, is in charge of the legal and fiscal aspects of the Trust with the support of the other Founders.

The other Founders, appointed Trust Guardians, oversee and control the development of the program and objectives of the Trust

In recent years, Italy has suffered increasing cases of feminicide and bullying. The women involved, often very young, are victims of a trusted partner, such as husbands, boyfriends or friends.
The phenomenon of bullying affects younger targets, amplified by social media and new technologies.

In Italy there are over 10.000 reports of violence from a member of the family, over 3.000 reports of rape, almost 9.000 reports of stalking in a single year. One out of three women has suffered from violence or harassment at home, office or school (Italian National Institute of Statistics, 2017).

Appalling numbers and stories that do not represent the real, much higher number of cases of this sort: according to several shelters and women associations, only two out of ten women press charges and only one out of ten in case of rape. Feminicide is not yet considered as a specific, gender-biased crime.

The lack of adequate wording to descrive the different levels of violence and discrimination is a weapon itself: it portraits a dubious representation of the phenomenon, diminishing its gravity and thus letting the status quo keep its course. Men and women, clueless about the phenomena of violence, abuse, harassment let the use of stereotypical excuses (jealousy, provocation, desperate measures..) carry on and shift the blame to the victims.

“In light of these concerning facts, we felt the moral obligation to do something about them, to offer our professional expertise in order to support the activities against violence. The Trust intends to defend the less fortunate efficiently and urgently. We believe that developing and promoting gender equality in its most intrinsic form is essential: guaranteeing the same opportunity for men and women to gain access to public and elected office, as well as the same wage, is part of the mission of the Trust.”



The Trust Guardians have established a new project for helping women, exploiting innovative technologies to provide an immediate support in case of violence: a necklace able to send an SOS with the GPS location in case of aggression or accidents, able to reach a predefined list of contacts.
The N.O.R.A. Project was presented on November 24, 2017 during the first Annual Congress as a first “milestone” of the path of the Trust towards gender equality. In collaboration with the Vodafone Foundation and the Carabinieri, the necklace will be first distributed in June 2018 in Naples.

24th November 2018 In support of women victims of violence comes a smartwatch of the latest generation, combined with a mobile phone with applications, with which victims can instantly ask for help and, at the same time, record and transmit images and audio that the investigators can then acquire as evidence of crime.

The new technology is supplied by the Arma dei Carabinieri and will leave in the coming days on an experimental basis from Naples. The new technology is funded by the Vodafone Foundation and the Woman Care Trust association.

The victim – as explained – can activate the emergency call by pressing a button or even by moving the arm. The call thus comes directly to the Provincial Command of Naples Carabinieri where there will be a carabiniere technical representative and an investigative referent that will report to the judicial authority.