WWW.FAMILYMI.COM, the digital platform for Families


The FamilyMI Project, established by the Global Thinking Foundation in collaboration with FEDUF and the Foundation of the Politecnico of Milano, provides an effective tool to ease the financial evolution and inclusion into the Millennials generation and their families in Milan and nearby. FamilyMI offers an innovative and intuitive portal: the user starts this procedure with an online questionnaire about the main concepts of savings and informed investment, composed by seven tests, each test dedicated to a precise topic:

  • Bank account;
  • Insurance;
  • Bonds;
  • Shares;
  • Investment Funds;
  • SICAV and ETF;
  • Exchange;
  • Certificates.

The result of each test, calculated through a particular algorhytm, is linked to videos (Tutorials and Testimonial Videos) to inform the user in a involving and interactive way about his or her financial literacy gaps.