Rethinking the school in the light of the pandemic phase must and can, by reconciling the DOD (Distance Learning) with training tools that help teachers and families, so that our young people do not lose continuity in learning, even to go out. Fortified by this experience or, at least, trained for change, which always characterizes and always will be a characteristic of the life path of each of us.

From this reflection and after having launched this year, in addition to the Aware and Independent APP, the DVL Method 1.0 and the first 3D Virtual Exhibition with drawings and comics for social inclusion:, we have developed 3 projects for an age group ranging from early childhood to adolescence, based on the MIUR , Italian Ministry of Education, dictates of the recent Law Decree, which provide for a constant commitment to offer content that stimulates positive actions and emotions and that encourage children to consider difficulties and mistakes as strengths, for an improvement that comes from resilience and self-awareness. Here they are:

  • We learn The Sustainable Economy with Lego’s, in collaboration with Bricks4Kidz
  • 17 Steps towards Sustainability, in partnership with (in progress – January 2021))
  • Grow EQUAL, in partnership with Explora – The Children’s Museum of Rome and the support of Feduf (in progress – January 2021)

There are three extraordinary projects, which fully respond to the need to acquire from the fundamental dictates of our Constitution, to train responsible and active citizens who participate fully and with awareness in the civic, cultural and social life of their community. Civic Education flanked by the necessary complementarity with Environmental Education, knowledge and protection of heritage and the territory, taking into account the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. And through the Global Goals, also dealing with health, the protection of common goods. Digital projects with good practices for an aware and responsible use of tools, to develop critical thinking and raise awareness of the possible risks associated with the excessive use of social media and surfing the net, concerning the positive peculiarities of digital applications for social and family well-being.

Our commitment, as always, alongside citizenship and the most fragile fringes of it, with a great sense of responsibility towards the new generations and for an original path that takes the school into the future, making it more digital, sustainable and even more inclusive.

Let's learn about:
The sustainable Economy with Lego’s

in partnership with:

The most famous brick in the world is undoubtedly an exceptional tool for attracting the attention of girls and boys. Then, thanks to the skillful use of technology, Global Thinking Foundation and Bricks4Kidz have studied and created these 4 videos for girls and boys aged 5 to 8.

They appeal to children from kindergarten up to the early years of secondary schools, to make them aware of the significant issues of the UN 2030 Agenda: sustainability, equality and globality. They are challenging, intangible themes, but thanks to the use of LEGO and their versatility, even the little ones can understand them, make them their own and become their ambassadors.

Didactics for Teachers and Families: At the end of each video, a different activity is proposed, which helps children to rethink what they have seen and heard, so that they can internalize concepts, change their habits and attitudes and help others to do the same. Because only with the collaboration of all will we be able to continue living in this beautiful planet of ours, and obtain the recognition of Ambassador , of the three macro-themes, proposed.

Good vision!

Let's learn the sustainable economy with Lego®

Sustainability explained with Lego®

Equality explained with Lego®

Globalization explained with Lego®