Businesses and Citizenship

Our collaboration with companies always offers always innovative and dedicated support for corporate welfare that does not neglect the issues of digital and environmental transition, well represented in the ESG sustainability criteria.

Being a citizen today also means knowing how to make a difference with one’s commitment by approaching financial and digital education with the certainty of doing one’s part in full self-determination and protecting oneself against economic violence and financial abuse by using our content through apps and websites.

Our projects

We have started working for families since 2017 with digital solutions that include texts in French and English and also videos in sign language (LIS), embracing all the topics of financial education detailed in our Glossary and gradually paying attention to of aware savers addressed highly topical issues such as digital security and digital gambling addictions with a view to preventing over-indebtedness.
Without neglecting support for sport and anti-violence centers as well as all those virtuous projects that need support to start up and become scalable.

Empower Your Life Think Tank

Think Tank #EmpowerYourLife: together for diversity, inclusion and sustainability.
An initiative born from Global Thinking Foundation’s experience and shared with a group of women who represent the nine major foreign financial institutions, together to support the importance of Financial Education, Diversity, Gender, Social and Economic Inclusion.


Observatory on Fintech for Sustainability

• Financial literacy and urban renewal as keys to create shared value;
• Looking to the future to build the present;
• Digital innovation in finance meets sustainability.



The first financial education platform for families with over 25 animated videos with English and French subtitles also offers the opportunity to simulate your family budget and test skills without neglecting an in-depth look at insurance and good practices. The LIS videos make it truly inclusive and comprehensive.

Video testimonials are also among the most widely used in Italian schools to approach basic concepts in an accessible and engaging way.



The Glossary “Words of Economy and Finance” is the most widespread in Italy, with over 150,000 hard copies, and now available digitally in Italian and English on the website, with over 600 words explained and contextualised because approaching financial education has never been so easy and exciting.

The new Fintech section then goes on to decentralised finance and offers a complete panorama of the world of finance and the economic system.


Focus Sud

Listening to the territory and working, especially in the southern regions, is a commitment we have made so that events, initiatives and projects can reach everywhere and have a concrete and measurable social impact. The activities directed at schools and citizenship do not neglect female entrepreneurship and all the economic and productive realities that seek to make a difference in working for women and fostering sustainability.


Sport and Inclusion

Sport and physical activity at all ages promote personal well-being, affect mental health, and promote a sharing of respect, inclusion, tolerance and solidarity values that enable and foster a crucial intergenerational dialogue. And a familiar feeling towards the fight against violence in sports and the defence of the foundations of resilient and regenerated communities. Added to this are our Scholarships and Awards for sporting and academic merit.


Donne al Quadrato

Education has never been more crucial and central to all our lives than in this time of great change in the world of work. Through 4 modules that are adapted to the needs of working men and women as well as students approaching the world of work and seniors seeking efficient longevity management, financial and digital education become a tool for full social participation and active global citizenship.