This is a very important month for financial education, where the focus is on fostering financial independence in order to develop one’s autonomy in a healthy way.

The Committee for the planning and the coordination of the financial education activities promotes every year, since 2018, for the whole month of October, the “Month of Financial Education”: initiatives and events, free and of quality, without any commercial purpose, to improve the skills of Italian citizens in matters of savings, investments, pensions and insurance.

Everyone may need financial education: in Italy only 45% of men and 30% of women demonstrate an adequate level of financial literacy, thus placing our country last in the rankings for financial education among the members of the G7. Furthermore, almost 20% of Italian students are far from the basic level that presumes at least the understanding of the importance of a simple personal budget.

This disparity with other countries is further incremented by gender inequality: the approach with which men and women enter the financial sphere is different also because of cultural aspects and stereotypes which appear to be difficult to erase. In OECD countries, the average difference between males and females in mathematics is 5 points, in favour of males; in Italy instead, this difference is radically higher as it is of 16 points!

Global Thinking Foundation has taken part, since its first edition in 2018, to the EduFin Month, bringing to more than 40 municipalities, financial education courses, workshops, events, debates open to citizenship and family meetings, pursuing the aims of spreading financial knowledge and awareness as to prevent financial abuses and economic violence.


Edufin mounth 2023


Financial Education promotes Economic Independence

The Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities promotes every year, from 2018 throughout the month of October, the “Financial Education Month“: initiatives and events, free and of high quality, without commercial purposes, to improve the skills of Italian citizens in the fields of savings, investments, social security and insurance.

The theme of the month of October 2021 will be “Take care of your future“, to highlight the strong link between what we sow today and what we will reap tomorrow. If we increase basic knowledge on financial, insurance and social security issues, it becomes easier to take care of one’s finances, make informed choices to face one’s future calmly, learn to manage any unexpected events and achieve greater financial well-being.

Global Thinking Foundation has participated in the EduFin month since the first edition of 2018, organizing financial education courses, workshops, events, debates open to citizens and meetings for families throughout the national territory and online, pursuing the aims of disseminating financial knowledge and of awareness aimed at preventing economic abuse and economic violence.

Mese dell'Educazione Finanziaria


Financial Education Month October 2018

La Global Thinking Foundation participated in Financial Education Month with 26 events in 16 Italian cities, 4 single-thematic events, 4 events for families.


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