“’We live on this planet as if there was another one to go to”

Terri Swearing

Global Thinking Foundation is actively working to try to achieve the Goals of the UN Agenda 2030. With the Imagine Sustainability project (ImmaginiAMO Sostenibile), we want to bring sustainability into schools while giving it an innovative connotation that helps students think about it as an opportunity, not just a duty. This is why we have created a course that combines sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The aim

The aim is to help students who will become entrepreneurs understand how to integrate sustainability into their choices and use it as a driver for personal and global success.

ImmaginiAMO Sostenibile is designed for the three-year secondary school level but can be adapted to the needs of both the two-year and lower secondary school levels.

Secondary School: a three-year course
The project, which can also be used for a PCTO, consists of three modules:

  1. Agenda 2030, Doughnut Theory based on the text by Kate Raworth and focus on circular economy
  2. Basic concepts necessary for entrepreneurship: from business idea to business plan
  3. Output: boys and girls should present a sustainable business idea

The first two modules will be carried out directly by Foundation staff, while for the output, the boys and girls will have to work independently with the help of the School’s teachers.
Foundation staff will then attend presentations of the boys’ and girls’ work and comment on it during a final meeting.
The project has a total duration of 30 hours but can be customised for shorter durations.

Secondary School: a two-year course
A more streamlined course is suggested for the two-year secondary school age, with 10 hours divided between Agenda 2030, Doughnut Theory and hints of entrepreneurship.

Secondary School
For secondary School, we suggest an even more streamlined course than the previous one, for a total of 6 hours, divided between Agenda 2030, Doughnut Theory and hints of circular economy.

All materials used during the meetings will be available on the EDU4future platform, and credentials will be provided upon course activation.

The cost must be agreed with the Foundation and may range between €300 and €500+VAT depending on the teaching hours required and the number of classes involved.
Activation of the project is subject to the conclusion of an agreement between the School and the Foundation.

The project has been accepted on the Ministry of Education and Merit’s School Regeneration platform.