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Now in its 4th edition, the Glossary confirms itself as a fundamental tool for finding information whose correctness and updating is guaranteed by the continuous supervision of the professionals who work and collaborate with the Foundation.
In this latest version, the insurance and social security sections have been expanded and a new one dedicated to cryptocurrencies has been created.
Distributed in over 150 thousand copies, it is confirmed to be the most widespread and consulted glossary throughout Italy!


How do we explain the importance of the UN 2030 Agenda and its 17 Global Goals to girls and boys?

To answer this question, the 17 Steps Towards Sustainability project was born: students from middle school to early high school will interview experts and exponents of the UN Agenda’s 17 SDGs, asking them questions that are generally unanswered. Particular attention is paid to the actions that can be taken to achieve or improve the individual Goals.

Given the peculiarity of the interviewers, these dialogues can also be enjoyed by the youngest children and can become an excellent starting point for in-depth study in the classroom.

These same videos are used in the project ImmaginiAMO sostenibile.


This manual, one of a kind, is the result of years of studies, research and observations by the Foundation.

In this text you will find everything you can and should know to understand and combat economic violence. In addition to the definition of economic violence, the legal, civil and criminal implications and family law aspects are addressed.

A unique tool with lots of practical advice to avoid slipping into economic violence and lots of concrete help for those who find themselves in urgent need of getting out of it.


Designed for teachers of nursery and primary schools, this manual provides in-depth information on the topic of sustainability which, however, is simplified and made accessible to younger children.

The use of LEGO, in the wake of gamification, makes learning fun and therefore long-lasting on a topic that must become everyone’s priority: sustainability in its environmental, social and economic meanings.


This collection archives all the contributions of the Global Thinking Foundation in the various press media: interviews with President Claudia Segre, articles on the projects published by Italian and foreign newspapers, contributions written for the sector press, etc.


Countless free publications, five collections of podcasts, two commercials and a docufilm: but GLT’s publications never end and are constantly updated.