“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


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Economic violence: You can neither prevent nor combat it if you don’t know it.
With this in mind, the Global Thinking Foundation, whose mission is to combat economic violence, turns its attention to schools and the younger generations.
It is only by working with the youngest that the gender stereotypes and economic ignorance that are the fertile ground in which economic violence thrives can be broken down.
In this same spirit, the topics of sustainability, school guidance and the 2030 Agenda Goals are also addressed.
The projects are designed by age group, ranging from pre-school to secondary school. The educational tools used are designed to arouse the interest and curiosity of students and capture their attention.

Our projects

Global Thinking Foundation makes available to schools projects, programmes and initiatives aimed at supporting educational institutions of every level and grade towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda goals and with particular regard to teachers and families to offer civic education and financial education content that can also be used free of charge via APP.


Libere di… VIVERE (Free to… LIVE) is our project to raise awareness of financial literacy and gender equality using comics.



Orientation is fundamental to the academic and professional success of every student and has become a crucial aspect in combating school dropout. Our project, by providing references on the dynamics of the labor market, seeks to facilitate students’ choices for a more informed educational path.



We constantly talk about sustainability, but what does it mean to live and work sustainably? With this project we will help students understand the importance of experiencing sustainability and welcoming it as an incredible opportunity, also and above all on a professional level.



The Young612+ platform collects projects dedicated to the little ones, so that they learn about sustainability with LEGO or by listening to the interviews we conducted with the 17 experts on the Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


Schools that participated in our projects

Liceo Cavour


Classe 3G
Prof.ssa Cristina Bracchi

Meeting dedicated to economic violence

Liceo Cottini


Classe 5C
Prof.ssa Carretta

Participation in the tour of the Mostra Libere di… VIVERE and Docufilm screening

IIS Bosso Monti


Tutte le classi quinte
Prof.sse Francesca Pezone e Federica Viscusi

Participation in the tour of the Mostra Libere di… VIVERE and Docufilm screening

IIS Todaro Cosentino

Rende (CS)

Tutte le classi terze quarte e quinte
Prof.ssa Antonella Acciardi

Participation in the tour of the Mostra Libere di… VIVERE and Docufilm screening