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The new APP

Consapevoli&Indipendenti is the first free APP created to combat violence and economic abuse and promote financial inclusion.

GLT Safe&Sound

In order to ensure computer security, it is essential that people acquire sound training and information on the subject. This training should be an essential element in every individual’s repertoire of skills.

Cyber threats are always evolving, becoming more sophisticated and dangerous. Therefore, it is important that people are aware of the risks and best practices to protect their data, devices and privacy online.

Test your knowledge with our quiz to see how safe you are online.



The FamilyMI platform was born from the need to activate a constructive dialogue on economic and financial knowledge within the family. For this reason, an information path in video pills was created which starts from a questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge already mastered. The texts and videos are also made in French, English and LIS for maximum enjoyment by everyone. Not only that, a free budget calculator is also available on the portal.