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Global Thinking Foundation’s first decade of activity has been dedicated to providing outcomes to the essential needs of Women and Girls and Families by offering innovative tools for the growth of personal well-being to achieve economic independence. Financial and digital literacy at the heart of a Social Innovation effort through hybrid projects with as many as 7 platforms and 2 APPs made available to the entire citizenry: from teachers to social workers who can participate in the free training and information activities that have enabled us to create the first IBRID ECOSYSTEM OF TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION that uses all the opportunities of a digital and interactive educational system to transform stereotypes, attitudes, norms and practices by challenging stereotypical relationships for full equity and increasing critical consciousness about the root causes of inequality and discrimination to incentivize equal opportunities for all.

APP – AWARE & INDEPENDENT – soon online

GLT Safe & Sound, the cybersecurity portal for cyberviolence prevention

FamilyMI, the platform for families on financial education

The platform for young children, dedicated to sustainability.

Free to…LIVE! the project to raise awareness and counter economic violence

We4 Women – soon online

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