The Aware & Independent APP provides direct and unrestricted access to all the content made available by the Global Thinking Foundation, from the Financial Education Glossary Words of Economics and Finance to the Publications for the Prevention of Economic Violence and the other project platforms with podcasts and teaching manuals.

Above all, it allows you to register for the free Donne al Quadrato training courses and to be kept up-to-date on events. Enter a world of awareness for complete economic independence!

Our app to achieve your economic goals and build your well-being!

Digital innovation has contributed to making financial services and investment solutions more accessible and widespread, but financial education continues to be increasingly crucial for making informed choices. The access to aware savings management with the use of a dedicated APP makes it possible to protect oneself in terms of complementary pensions and to seize opportunities on novelties, such as Green Bonds and Green Loans, and products, such as ETFs, or services such as Robo-advisors that speak to Seniors as well as to young people, who today represent the significant users of technology and its applications and who show great curiosity in wanting to learn as evolved investors and savers. Unfortunately, the persistence of a gender gap in this type of skills, both financial and digital, penalises women and girls, especially in a country where, according to the DESI index, only 50% of the population has basic digital skills and where the remaining 50% must also learn how to protect themselves from risks arising from cyber-violences. That is why the inclusion in financial and digital education curricula, the latter of which is still absent, can foster widespread future participation of women in STEM subjects. Therefore, general financial literacy with content via APP requires very targeted project proposals towards less educated minorities and pensioners who are more exposed to financial fraud. Our efforts are therefore aimed at a possible advancement of current skills gaps.

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