Stories of books, readers and meeting spaces

Stories of books, readers and spaces that meet.
The project “Tra le righe. Storie di libri, di lettori e di spazi che si incontrano” (‘Between the lines. Stories of books, readers and spaces that meet’) project, which enjoys the support of the Fondazione Cariplo, is aimed at all age groups and aims to bring people’s curiosity and interest in reading and the world of books closer, awakening and consolidating it, through the realisation of routes, activities and events in the area.

The project was launched last June, with a presentation event held at the Stefano Cerri Auditorium, and its objectives are in line with Goal 4 on Quality Education and Goal 1 to combat educational poverty.

The leitmotif of the project is the theme of travel, declined in its various facets: books will travel in the city, people will travel with their imagination thanks to books, people will tell about travels, they will travel in time and through different forms and different literary genres in an exchange of experiences to grow in their personal and cultural life paths and to cultivate critical thinking that increases awareness towards full self-determination and social participation.

Specifically, the Tra le Righe project is divided into four actions indicated in the posters:

Action 1 – Reading to explore worlds and languages;
Action 2 – Reading to tell and narrate;
Action 3 – Reading to make community;
Action 4 – Places and non-places of reading.

Stories of books, readers and meeting spaces

The project partners, along with the lead organization Global Thinking Foundation ETS, include:

– ABCity,
– Cogess
– Franco Fossati Foundation (WOW Comics Museum)

Together, the partners are committed in an inclusive and broad-spectrum manner to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, including the reduction of inequalities (Goal 10), gender equality (Goal 5), and opportunities for decent work and economic growth (Goal 8).

I partner sono impegnati in un modo inclusivo e di ampio spettro, nel raggiungimento degli obiettivi di sostenibilità delle Nazioni Unite per il 2030, comprendendo anche la riduzione delle disuguaglianze Goal 10, l’uguaglianza di genere Goal 5, l’ opportunità per lavoro dignitoso e crescita economica Goal 8.

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