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The recent European debate has placed the balance of work and family life as the central point for promoting practical assistance to female employment and attention to greater flexibility in the world of work, also adding new rules on leave parental.

Starting from this commitment and sharing of values, Global Thinking Foundation, in collaboration with the Bellisario Foundation, Delegation of Sicily, focused on gender equality issues and a better division of responsibilities to guarantee, together with training and information, actions and initiatives training courses aimed at the economic sustainability of families and women. Women suffered because of a lack of equality, which led to differences in wages and a pension gap. It is clear how they must be supported to enter the job market and reach their full potential, while fathers will have a more critical role in the education of their children. Local and national activities, as well as the European regulations which are currently being developed, will also benefit family members who deal with an older generation and will be positive for men, women, families and the economy of our country. An example of how civil society can gather around a social emergency such as the one that Global Thinking Foundation has faced for years, by actively intervening on the lack of economic, financial and digital skills of women which reduces the ability to play a proactive role of economic citizenship that place Women at the centre and support of our society.

This initiative dedicated to the Sicilian region has seen the signing of a multi-year Convention of Global Thinking Foundation together with the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo, Enna and the Bellisario Foundation Delegation Sicily: on December 13th in Palermo, in the presence of the President of the Region Nello Musumeci and with an intervention of the Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family Mrs. Bonetti, in the frame of an event open to all citizens.

The training courses that will be held at the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo and Enna will take place with the following calendar, from which it is possible to register directly. For any information, the Courses’ Secretariat is available by writing to donnealquadrato@gltfoundation.com or segreteria@gltfoundation.com

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In collaborazione con Fondazione Marisa Bellisario; Camera di Commercio Palermo Enna e Comitato per l'Imprenditoria Femminile


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Signature of the Palermo Convention

Signature of the Palermo Convention

Signature of the Palermo Convention