Global Thinking Foundation and the OECD


Global Thinking Foundation regularly participates to the meetings organised by the OECD together with its departments. For the Foundation, this participation constitutes an essential moment of exchange and follow-up with regards to the trends, analysis and suggested guidelines, especially those falling within the Foundation’s mission. The extensive presence of CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) also encourages the fruitful sharing of good practices as well as a critical comparison of local problems and needs, thus enabling us to increase the food for thought and improve the formulation of projects carried out in Italy.

International Network for Financial Education

As the only Italian non-profit ETS Foundation marked by the Affiliate Member status, Global Thinking Foundation participates to the International Network for Financial Education – INFE.

Created in 2008, the OECD/INFE brings together 260 public institutions from over 120 countries, as well as civil society actors and private sector representatives, in order to address issues related to financial education, from the collection of comparable data to the development of methodologies for measuring the impact of programmes; from the definition of tools for the benefit of policy makers, to the sharing of good practices.

As emerged from the conference “Resolution on Financial Literacy in Italy” (18.01.2021), financial literacy levels in Italy are still low, especially compared to other OECD countries. It is therefore necessary to give importance to measures that focus especially on young people and gender equality in order to close the knowledge gap.


Social initiatives have shown us the power of schools that turn young people into financial champions.

t is therefore necessary to introduce new projects and initiatives that enable us to achieve greater equity and introduce ESG – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – based discussions. For this very reason, GLT drew on the OECD’s guidelines on financial literacy to introduce the following projects:

With the aim of encouraging conversations on gender equality for greater social development, the OECD also introduced a Gender Portal:
a milestone towards gender language in publications.

In support of gender issues, and with the intention of emphasising the importance of financial education as a method of preventing economic violence,
GLT continues with the Free to… LIVE exhibition


GLT e l’OCSE_Financial competence framework for adults in the European Union
Raccomandazione OCSE Finlit
Digital delivery of financial education design and practice


PISA is the OECD’s programme for the international assessment of students, measuring the ability of 15-year-olds
to use their knowledge and skills in reading, mathematics and science to tackle real-life challenges.

Past Projects