“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

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The Glossary of Financial Literacy “ Words of Economics and Finance” is born on October 2016, from the need to create a support for the debate on the evolution and the diffusion of basic financial skills on financial literacy school programs and on the important topics of “financial inclusion”, offering an explicatory tool on the history of the economy, on banks and investments, deepening and contextualizing over 350 words in everyday reality.
By reordering the concepts and helping to define the most technical parts that makeup today’s finance, a platform of dialogue and debate on all financial topics has been formed, in order to promote a culture of economic citizenship among teachers, students, families and savers.
The project was made possible due to the work that was done by a pool of professionals of the GLT Foundation Team, with the students of the CIBA Master of Eraclito 2000 of Pisa and with the collaboration of the VI Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

The first edition of the Glossary has been distributed by Giunti Scuola for a total of 120,000 copies between e-books and printed edition in over 680 Italian schools, to students, High School teachers, that have chosen special educational path, on the pilot regions of: Lombardy, Lazio, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.

The second edition, launched in April 2018, improved with the infographics donated by Pictet Asset Management, becomes even more innovative; is used also in adult classes, now available in digital version on the platform with more than 1200 exercises and tests, to extend the subject in an interactive way, in class and also at home in a simple and easy way. The definition of each concept expressed in the questions and answers will facilitate the learning of even the most complex topics, favouring a transfer of generational skills, made possible also with the digital platform, and its 30 video tutorials related with the skill survey.
The Second Edition has already sold out its first 20 thousand copies and aims to consolidate the way of financial awareness for families, future generations of investors and women, through the keywords of a topic in constant evolution. The Glossary is distributed for free to all the participants on the classes of the Progetto “Donne al Quadrato” and at all FamilyMe events.