Global Thinking Foundation is promoting a  new challenge, working in collaboration with institutions, both public and private, who are committed in the diffusion and application of The 2030 Agenda. Only a commitment to change can restore a more sustainable planet and this path starts with a change of mentality, supported by new technologies and governance systems.

At the moment the world is marked by deep imbalances that are affecting the environment, the economy and the society and Italy, at the global level, is not towards a new development path of sustainability as the Istat and Asvis’ data confirm. The change  in the sustainable approach for environment, society and economy starts from a good education. For this reason, in support of the goal 4 -quality education- different projects have been promoted during this years, aimed at different socio-economic groups of the society. Inequity can only be effectively fought by adopting an integrate vision and a sustainable balance and inclusive development:


The docufilm won the AIFF 2022 Student Jury Award with the following motivation: the work is the brainchild of Claudia Segre, to spread knowledge about economic gender violence and its devastating consequences, through real testimonies of women, victims of this type of abuse. Director Antonio Silvestre brings more than an hour of courageous and emotionally involving storytelling, mixing real interviews with film monologues. It is the first docufilm to tackle this extensive and silently subtle phenomenon, supported by excellent rhythmic editing and the extraordinary music by Maestro Matteo Sartini. In the background, there is the tango, the dance par excellence, a metaphor for the entire narrative, which lends a languid and passionate tone.

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#STEMintheCity: Global Thinking Foundation participates at #STEMintheCity 2020: an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan with the support of the United Nations to spread the culture of S.T.E.M. – Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics – to remove the cultural stereotypes that drive girls away from the study paths in technical-scientific subjects.
The theme for this year is the environment. Our Foundation could not miss! For years, we have been committed to promoting the 17 United Nations objectives for sustainable development.
For the occasion, we created a video together with partner Bricks 4 Kidz® to help children understand what the sustainable economy is. A difficult concept, which can, however, be explained in fun and straightforward way through Lego®. Teachers and parents will be able to use it to introduce children to concepts of sustainability, recycling, reuse and to explain how, with our behaviours, we can help preserve the planet for future generations.
The video is inspired by Kate Raworth’s doughnut theory (Doughnut Economics).


in collaboration withSky is the Limit: is a project which started in collaboration with the Savings Museum of Turin. This project wants to contribute and enrich the didactics of the schools located in disadvantaged neighbourhoods by offering to the students living in poor conditions a long-term life plan, that they are not used to even wondering. Learning how to plan the future, make conscious choices, in order to understand that they can have more chances in life, including employment opportunities, better health and also participate actively in life. The project also wants  to contrast the restricted access to an equitable quality education for all, in order to avoid social exclusion and isolation. Through the return of centrality to the person and the promotion of well-being, i.e. orienting children to assume a positive attitude as protagonists of their training, self-orientation, developing self-esteem, the ability to self-assess and orientation of their expectations according to a long-term perspective.

ImmaginiAMO Sostenibile: Our project was launched in 2019: ImmaginiAMO Sostenibile, aimed at young adults (18+), with an active commitment in Southern Italy, precisely to combat situations of educational poverty by promoting empowerment intended as strengthening, empowerment and awareness, to reduce the gap not only in terms of gender, but also territorial, knowledge of skills on issues of sustainability, the economy, society still very widespread in our country, especially in the South.

The project, based on the themes of the Global Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, makes use of methodologies for the generational transition between Millennials and Generation Z and aims to contribute to the growth of critical thinking and awareness of one’s potential to become protagonists of ethical and innovative choices and encourage the strengthening of their individual and community leadership in politics, institutions and public and private companies also with the help of the CLIL methodology and therefore also using English tools.

Our will is to involve schools and children with the realization of projects, linked to the areas of sustainability, which make us reflect on the complexity of reality: from changes in the environment, to society, to the economy; this will comes from the hope for these young people who can grow a new inclusive, authoritative, competent and international ruling class, capable of working and bringing out the value of everyone’s contribution for a better society. These are opportunities to share ideas and projects that improve the country, the region, the nation in which we live.

And it is for this reason that within this framework an extraordinary planning has developed: “17 steps towards sustainability” which, combined with the themes of ImmagineAMO Sostenibile, gave birth to one of our PCTO (Pathways for Transversal Skills and for the Orientation addressed to secondary school students) on Civic and Environmental Education for Social Inclusion which includes 3 modules: Sustainability, Planning and Organization.
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Progetto Vita Sicilia DAE: Global Thinking Foundation in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Cuore e Rianimazione Lorenzo Greco Onlus, has carried out the “Progetto Vita Sicilia DAE” within the Municipality of Palermo. The aim of the project is to spread the culture of prevention and awareness, as well as the correct use of defibrillators, within society and for application of principles of UN Agenda 2030 Goal 3.

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